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Celeste Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Gameplay video of Celeste on Nintendo Switch (Chapter 1 + 2, no commentary), also available for PS4, XBox One & PC. Release date: January 25, 2018; Price: $19.99. Buy Nintendo eShop Cards at Play-Asia: Buy the latest Nintendo Switch games at Play-Asia: Get the latest Nintendo Switch News Read more…

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Nintendo Labo is Stupid But I’m Cool With That

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ChromaGun Nintendo Switch Review

Here’s our review of ChromaGun on the Nintendo Switch. Is this first person puzzle game worth your hard earned cash? With a high price, this review is definitely worth a look! Don’t forget to check out our website: ***********Follow us on Social Media************************** Twitter: Instagram: switchwatchtv Facebook: Read more…

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REVIEW: DOOM(Nintendo Switch) – “Hell Yeah!”

We all know it’s good, so why did I make this video? Come watch me gush about it for five minutes. PS4 Version: PS4 (VFR Edition): Xbox One Version: Nintendo Switch: PC Version: You can also find Erik’s Joystick on Twitter: Twitch: Youtube: Read more…

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