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InnerSpace | Launch Trailer | PS4

InnerSpace is an exploration flying game set in the Inverse, a world of inside-out planets with no horizons. Soar through ancient skies and abandoned oceans to discover the lost history of this fading realm, where gods still wander. Your greatest journey is within. InnerSpace is available now. source

By PlayStation EU, ago
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Spider-Man PS4 – Release Date Teased, New Gameplay Details!

Spider-Man PS4 – Release Date Teased, New Gameplay Details! Minor New Gameplay details have surfaced about Spider-Man PS4, alongside this, we also got more confirmation that the game will indeed be coming out in 2018. ★:Follow me on Twitter: ★:Like me on Facebook: ★:Follow me on Instagram: Read more…

By CabooseXBL, ago
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Celeste Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Gameplay video of Celeste on Nintendo Switch (Chapter 1 + 2, no commentary), also available for PS4, XBox One & PC. Release date: January 25, 2018; Price: $19.99. Buy Nintendo eShop Cards at Play-Asia: Buy the latest Nintendo Switch games at Play-Asia: Get the latest Nintendo Switch News Read more…

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Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker’s Memory: Story Trailer | PS4, PS Vita

Hey Digi-destined! Only 3 days remain and today we have the story trailer for Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker’s Memory! WATCH our video and reserve your PS4 copy today so you can receive the pre-order bonuses: Omnimon, Leopardmon, Crusadermon (all NX), 4 outfits, and Sistermon Ciel & Blanc! Read more…