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Hello this is a seed for the Xbox One Xbox 360 PS4 and PS3 Minecraft TU63.

This seed was found on Minecraft Xbox One but should work for all other consoles.

Seed: 9014920946022062172

World Options:

Small World Size
Biome Scale Small
Find Balanced Ticked

Woodland Mansion 1: X-151 Y106 Z-356
Woodland Mansion 2: X44 Y91 Z-214
Woodland Mansion 3: X79 797 Z130

Desert Temple 1: X386 Y77 Z-430
Desert Temple 2: X270 Y84 Z13

Village 1: X-462 Y95 Z-230
Village 2: X-475 Y78 Z-489
Village 3: X-240 Y86 Z-400
Village 4: X-194 Y84 Z-218
Village 5: X350 Y86 Z-266
Village 6: X270 Y84 Z13

Ocean Monument 1: X-279 Y70 Z134

Igloo 1: X-475 Y78 Z-489

Skeleton Surface Spawner: X139 Y62 Z-128

Xbox One End Portal: X228 Y35 Z148

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Hope you enjoy the video.

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I use a Elgato HD 60 capture card to record and stream all my content.


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